DAAD (German Exchange Service)

Application year: 

Senior, Entering Graduate, Graduate


The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the German national agency for the support of academic cooperation. They represent the German higher education abroad. They offer a wide range of highly selective scholarships, grants, and fellowships in Germany for US and Canadian citizens from undergraduates to post-doctoral scholars.

Signature of program: 

German government sponsored study in Germany. Many different programs from study abroad and summer programs to Graduate work. View their 2018 webinar on DAAD opportunities and informational resources for applicants.


Well defined study plan in Germany for students and graduates of US and Canadian programs of all nationalities. Language ability must be commensurate with the plans for study or research.

See the Supplementary Files section below for the Duke campus process PDF and the Checklist for your DAAD grant type.

Search for Masters or PhD-level programs in your field at study-in.de

When searching for supported degree programs, (and later in the DAAD application Portal) select the grant type "Study for Scholarships for Graduates of All Disciplines".

For more details on the application for a degree program, (or research exceeding 6 months) see this Research/ One Year entry in the DAAD funding database. For more details on the application for a short-term research (6 months or fewer) see this Research Grants/ Short Term entry in the DAAD funding database.

However, those applying for graduate work in the Performing arts should see application instructions and details here. Those applying for graduate work in Visual arts, design, and film can find instructions here. Arts grants have their own grant types, timeline, and direct application that don't involve formal Duke endorsement.

Amount of award: 

Varies with the fellowship





Endorsement Required: 





Campus deadline: 

October 11, 2017

Speak to OUSF as soon as you begin thinking about these fellowships for more information.

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